Friday, November 14, 2008

The early years

This blog is all about sharing stuff God has allowed me to experience, family memories & stories, along with just posting tidbits of information about anything.

To start with, I was born in Jackson, TN., with mom and dad moving us to Huntsville, AL. around 1960. I attended grade & middle school there, then we moved back to Jackson. I attended North Side High School 9-12, and graduated in 1976. High school was fun, and the teachers did their best to drill academics into my head, although I had the tendency to talk way-too-much! My english teacher, Mrs. Boone, pushed us hard, but we finally made it. My favorite class was Algebra, with Mr. Eddie Dougan. Pep rallies were my least favorite mandatory event. If you find a 1976 school annual, you'll see a gym picture of a boy standing alone in the gym, while his classmates are enjoying the pep rally! Sad commentary for a "Kodak Moment"! My two most memorable friends were Glen Watson, and Steve Hale. Glen liked his cars, and his dad gave him his first 1967 Chevy Impala, in 12th grade, which helped him get the girls.
Dad let me rebuild and drive an old 1963 VW Van to school, but my sisters were too cool to ride in it with me.

Now, Steve and I had to drive our parent's car, or some junkard, so we didn't have much chance to get the girls. Steve liked his Honda Trail 70 motorcycle,

and he tried his darndest to get the girls, "poor thang"! Steve loved life, though, and was a red-headed dude, who got teased by his friends with the occasional, "you read-headed wood-pecker!". I watched Steve a few times get in-trouble with teachers. We'd talk in-class, a little bit too much, and Steve would sorta laugh at the moment. I suppose our teachers thought he was making light of the situation, or acting plane ole' smart al·eck. It was hard not to laugh, though. I laugh when I think about it now! (You know what I mean, for you were once there..ha, ha!!

After high school graduation, dad moved us back to Huntsville, AL, where I would take off to the USN in Janary 1977. I ended up in Corpus Christi, TX, where I met my sweetheart wife-to-be, Connie Crisp. We married in 1979, and with God as our guide, and his word a "lamp unto our feet", we started this journey together. We were blessed with 4 amazing kids, who are now married. Did we make any mistakes along the way? Sure we did, but so far, God's mercy has seen us through it all, and "Amazing Grace" has been paramount!

Committment in our relationship has shown to be worth everything, and brings with it "no regrets".
When I reflect upong our marriage, the word, "Foundation", comes to mind.

God has been, and still is, the foundation of our marriage.
When asked, "What's the secret to success in a marriage, and raising a family?", I would have to say that that Jesus Christ, serving as our corner stone of our relationship, would be the key.
Corner stones are meant to be the main block on which a building is set upon. Anything worth building is worth doing right the first time, and that not only goes for building foundations, but also for starting-out a family. Jesus is the common denominator that holds all things together.

If you're just starting out with marriage, and kids, build upon a foundation you can be grateful for someday.....Barry

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